Mutiple Audio File Analysis

Automatic analysis of the main measurements of different audio files, allowing comparison between different groups.


Much of our communication is done orally, communicating in both explicit and implicit ways. Listening to a person we can perceive his state of mind, that is to say if he is happy, angry or even if he is nervous. But not only that, by listening to a person we also infer certain characteristics about him. Therefore it is not surprising that sound analysis has gained importance in fields such as psychology or consumer research.

Multiple Audio File Analysis (MAA) is an R script that incorporates several functions to automate the analysis of multiple wav audio files following an [ID][separator][Dimension].wav naming convention, e.g. 00001_Headphone.wav or 133802abdk-Public.wav. Allowing automatic comparison of the measurements between the different groups.

How to use it?

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