TechX Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab with the mission of understanding and enhancing the human-technology relationship in order to better the future of humanity.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Our goal is to help learners at any level to benefit from the research and skills of the TechX team. Our teaching style is student-centered, interactive, and skill-oriented. Students describe our courses as challenging and that they require a high level of commitment but they are described also as rewarding and making a contribution to their careers.
Our courses are geared toward developing new skills as well as new ways to think about the role of new technologies in business and society as well as the importance of building data-driven organizations.

Our projects and expertise cover the fields of Marketing Analytics, Consumer Behavior, Consumer Psychology, Neuroscience, and Data Science.

We have an Open Door policy to help students at any level to learn from us and also with us as best as possible. We also invite excellent students to participate and present in our TechX lab meetings.


The researchers at the TechX Lab offer classes at different levels of study. Alongside a rigorous teaching of theoretical concepts, we place particular emphasis on teaching state-of-the-art methodology to analyze and make sense of new forms of data (such as text, image, or voice data).

Below you will find an overview of our lectures and seminars.

Master Level
  • Machine Learning for Marketers
  • Web Data & Digital Analytics
  • Consumer Behavior and Research Methods
PhD Level
  • Statistics with R
  • Computational Implementation of Experiments
  • Quantitative Research Methods
Global School in Empirical Research Methods (GSERM)
  • Statistics with R


We regularly offer exciting topics for Bachelor’s and Master’s theses and provide continuous supervision throughout the whole period of your work. A thesis project is more than the isolated completion of the final step toward your degree – it is the chance to make a deep dive into a research field of your choice and also to explore whether an academic career would suit you. Excellent students may participate in the TechX lab meetings and share their current progress and receive feedback from the researchers at the TechX lab.