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  • Ideally, prior participation in our classes “Consumer Behavior and Research Methods”, “Machine Learning for Marketers”, “Web Data & Digital Analytics”
  • A solid knowledge of research methodology and quantitative data analysis
  • Capability to work with, at least one, statistical software package (R, Python, SPSS, STATA, etc)
  • Good English writing skills

Open Topics

IDOpen TopicResearch AreaContact
1Morphing Vulnerable Machine: Paralinguistic Cues Shape Perceptions and Behaviors.Voice AssistantsFotis Efthymiou
2Alterations on the Physicality and Personality of the Virtual Entity after Modifying the Formant Dispersion.Voice AssistantsFotis Efthymiou
3Voice Morphing and Gendered AI: Higher Pitched Voices Reduce Attributions of Dominance; Competence; and Persuasive Power.Voice AssistantsFrancesc Busquet
4Black-Box Emotion Detection: On the Variability and Predictive Accuracy of Automated Emotion Detection.Affective ComputingFrancesc Busquet
5Good Buzz; Bad Buzz: Vibrations as Rewards and Modifiers Consumer Choice.Haptics and HardwareWilliam Hampton
6Psychological Drivers of Consumer Advice Acceptance and their Linkages to Conversational Interface Characteristics: A Literature Review and Conceptual Framework.ChatbotsMeike Zehnle
7Chatbots as Sales Agents and Influence on Consumer-Brand Relationships and Consumer Behavior.ChatbotsAnouk Bergner
8Anthropomorphism and Smart Object Relationships.ChatbotsAnouk Bergner
9The Meaning Behind Artificial Intelligence - How Wording Manipulates Consumers Perception on AI.Psychology of AIAnna Bouwer
10Sales Automation - How to Repair the Broken Sales Funnel.Psychology of AIAnna Bouwer


Please upload your application as a single pdf file (motivation letter, transcript of grades and CV)